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Hi, I’m Ahmed Al Kiremli, also known as AK, and I Help Business Owners And Entrepreneurs To Build & Scale Their Business Profitability And Performance With Less Time, Effort And Cost Without Risking Their Freedom.

After starting and scaling several businesses & franchise concepts, I learned that the right business model, strategy, system, consistent focused action and determination are the keys to build & scale your business efficiently.  

Through my web TV channel: Be Efficient TV, my #1 International Bestselling book: “The Efficientpreneur,” and my signature Efficientpreneur Club 1on1 private business coaching community, I have helped thousands of business owners & entrepreneurs achieve success and financial freedom. 

About Ahmed Al Kiremli

Ahmed Al Kiremli, also known as AK, is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, #1 International Bestselling Author, Efficiency Expert, Squash Pro Player and Lover of Freedom.  

AK helps business owners and entrepreneurs to build and scale their business profitability online with less time, effort, and cost so they can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.  

Based in Dubai, AK has founded, developed and scaled multiple successful online and brick and mortar businesses and franchise concepts in various industries, including computer hardware and software, restaurants, branding and marketing, apps, video gaming, kids entertainment, sport, stationery, online marketing and business coaching.  

He is the author of the #1 International Bestselling book The Efficientpreneur and the founder of The Efficientpreneur Club, a 1on1 exclusive and affordable business coaching club that helps business owners and entrepreneurs to build and scale their business profitability online with less time, effort and cost.  

AK provides his signature talk/training (The Art of Efficiency in the Workplace) to corporations to help executives and managers work less and achieve more with less time, effort and cost.  

He’s also the host of the Efficientpreneur Show, interviewing CEOs, productivity hackers, empowerment experts and best-selling authors. He’s spoken about various business topics at events, including TEDx, and has been featured in international media such as CNBC, Yahoo, Thomson, Reuters, Zawya, Tech view, Al Hurra, Failcon, Arabian Business, Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Evolution Magazine and Sport 360.  

AK has founded and built several successful businesses and helped many small and medium-sized businesses to scale efficiently. Ahmed has learned a thing or two about:  

- Entrepreneurship and Efficientpreneurship - Efficiency, Productivity and Time Management - Purpose, Vision, Mission and Core Values - Strategy, Business Model, Customer Avatar and Niches - Marketing, Launches, Sales, and Conversion - Websites, Landing Pages and Funnels Development - Mastermind Coaching and High Level Consulting - Social Media & Forum Marketing - Traffic, Ads, Bots, and PPC - Memberships and Information Product Creation - Email Marketing and Automation - Team, Outsourcing and Processes  

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More About Ahmed Al Kiremli

As an Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Efficiency Expert, Author and Business Maverick, Al Kiremli has worn many hats during his life. In the last decade alone he has created the world’s first Iraqi franchise chain (Games Corner) the Mall’s No.1 Video Gaming Corner, the world’s first Iraqi food franchise and catering brand (IRAQI TOUCH), Kids Soft Play and Entertainment Brand (Climb and Slide), Movie Ratings App (Best Movie Ratings) to help you stop wasting time on bad movies and has undertaken or invested in a myriad of projects.  

Al Kiremli has encouraged and inspired over 30,000 people directly by speaking at conferences, seminars, corporate events and workshops many of which include large-scale events, such as TEDx, Elance, and FailCon. During these events, he addresses topics such as entrepreneurship, efficiency, life-work balance, personal finance, sales, marketing, branding, social media, outsourcing and time management.  

An endless seeker of knowledge, Al Kiremli holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Baghdad and an MBA from the University of Phoenix, AZ. Supplementing his acquired knowledge and experience through books, seminars and the mentorship of experts. Consequently, he has managed to continue incorporating his love for learning into his everyday life. In his career, he uses this thirst for knowledge, both the acquiring and sharing of it, to straddle the line between corporate strategist and entrepreneur.  

Alongside this drive, Al Kiremli has kept striving to find the ideal balance between work and life, developing innovative methods of managing his ever-increasing workload in ways that allow him to combine his love for life, and his love for work. He has streamlined his operations through a combination of outsourcing and productive delegation among other methodologies, freeing up the time to allow him to continue developing new concepts, and identifying new opportunities. Developing these efficient strategies & techniques allowed him to manage all his ventures from his sofa at home or from anywhere in the world.  

Businesses, Brands & Franchises Founded by AK

A firm believer in the principle that says the right mindset, a willingness to learn, persistence, and a belief in the dreams that drive us combined with the will to take action are the main keys to success means that Al Kiremli has developed a sixth sense which has led him to seize opportunities others may discard. It’s by taking these educated risks that he’s succeeded.  

One of Ahmed Al Kiremli’s biggest joys is adding value by teaching individuals and organizations how to ‘Be 10x More Efficient’ in their business and life with the minimum amount of time, effort and cost. During these teachings, he shows them how to acquire and leverage new skills, opportunities and maintain a healthy work-life balance to build & scale their business efficiently.  

If you ask Al Kiremli what tomorrow will bring, he’ll tell you he doesn’t know; all he’s sure of is that whatever it is he’ll learn from it, grow, succeed and ensure it endures as part of his legacy. After all, for an entrepreneur who managed to find the time to acquire new skills, seek out and embrace new opportunities while maintaining balance in his life through mentoring other business owners & entrepreneurs, creative management, all while becoming a professional squash player: anything’s possible.  

Ahmed is an avid athlete and sport is an integral part of his life. He was Iraqi’s number 1 Squash player for seven years and played for a decade for the National Team. His love of sports is apparent in his life as he currently plays squash in the Dubai League as well as in various other local and international tournaments, His best world professional Squash ranking is 236.  

Some History

AK was born and raised in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq—witnessing numerous wars, military attacks and their associated tragedies during his young life including the Iraq-Iran War, the invasion of Kuwait; the Gulf War (which brought military forces from 30 different countries to his homeland); the Sha’aban Intifada in 1991; the Iraqi-Kurdish Civil War between 1995 and 1996; Operation Desert Fox in 1998; 2003 invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition, which toppled the government of Saddam Hussein; The Iraqi Civil War & other multiple conflicts between 2004 and until the current date; While those times were extremely difficult to live through (and even harder to conduct business), AK learned priceless lessons that shaped the way he views the world and the way he appreciates life and success. He believes these experiences shaped his character and gave him the ability to handle pain and tragedy—developing in him not only long-term fortitude but also a strength of resolve in his business life.  

As a lifelong entrepreneur, AK has a lengthy history of success dating back to his youth, including numerous early forays into business. His earliest venture—at age 6—occurred at school where he sold sheets of stickers to earn money for snacks and sweets after his parents cut his allowance money.  

By age 22, he had become a key supplier of computers, electronics and DVDs to an Iraqi retail chain—making the equivalent of US$50,000 in just four months. 

He credits his early sales and communications skills as an essential part of this success. That same year, AK learned the difficult lesson of trust, as he rescued a friend from debt by investing in a computer shop the friend owned. 

Trusting the friend to make a success of the shop and repay the debt, AK instead saw the business fail due to mismanagement and dishonesty. “Learn and move on” was the lesson AK took from that early investment experience.

He eventually founded the leading computer retailer and DVD rental location in Iraq—developing a remarkable design and choosing a key location. As the success of the business grew, AK branched out into importing computer goods from Dubai and China. Unfortunately, the advent of the Iraqi civil war in 2005 not only compelled AK to leave Iraq, it took its toll on the business, as he was unable to manage the operations remotely. Still, he took his knowledge of retailing, wholesale businesses, import-export, team development and inventory management from this venture to later ones.  

At age 25, he relocated to Dubai—discovering a brand-new world of potential. Seeing an opportunity to compete with and become the best in the world of business, AK — in debt and with no startup capital—never stopped fighting for his dreams. 

He stepped immediately in the corporate sector, working as an employee in sales and business development in industries ranging from cladding materials, building materials, and heavy transportation to computer hardware and other key industries. Impressed and unfamiliar with the corporate business model (there had been no corporate environment in Iraq).

AK not only learned new skills but also discovered the inherent problems in the corporate model. This realization prompted him to look for answers which led to the early development of his many methodologies in the areas of productivity and efficiency.  

Within three years, having proven himself a successful manager of people and processes, his father and uncle asked AK to take the helm as general manager of their 25 years old retail and wholesale stationery business—managing more than 50 employees. The same year, he launched his educational, training and consulting business.  

Two years later, at age 28, he launched the first-ever franchise restaurant in Iraq—a food-court restaurant concept called Iraqi Touch, with his mother as a silent partner for the first store of the chain. The first version failed due to a bad location, but the second restaurant— relocated into the leading shopping mall in Erbil, Iraq—was extremely successful until 2015, when the entry of ISIS forces into Iraq forced its closure. Today, it has been reconceived as a catering company serving the oil and gas exploration industry in southern Iraq.  

Soon after launching Iraqi Touch, AK followed with his second franchise—now the most successful video gaming franchise in the world: Games Corner, a gaming experience sited in shopping malls. Knowing that gamers wanted a unique gaming experience in a distinctive environment, AK ignored the doubts of others who said gamers would never travel to a shopping mall when they could play the same games at home. The franchise has now grown to a dozen locations—including one in the world-leading mall (Dubai Mall)— with a goal of 100 locations worldwide over the next few years. Games Corner is the #1 mall-based gaming franchise worldwide.  

Two other successful businesses followed: Climb and Slide, a soft-play brand for children.

And Best Movie Ratings, an app that combines movie ratings from platforms like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Meta Critics with AK’s personal ratings to help moviegoers find the most impactful, uplifting and enriching movies to watch.  

Today, AK is based in Dubai and travels the world, operating his many business ventures from his laptop while helping other business owners and entrepreneurs to build & scale their business profitability & performance with less time, effort and cost through The Efficientpreneur Club 1on1 Coaching Community.

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