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Since you are already making $15000+ income per month, Efficientpreneur Elite is where I can help you the most.  


Efficientpreneur Elite is a 1on1 high performance & intensive business coaching program with Ahmed Al Kiremli that will help you build and scale your business efficiently.  

Elite is for business owners who wants to scale their business performance and profitability with less time, effort and cost without risking their personal freedom.  

If you want to build & &cale your business efficiently & &ffectively, the EFFICIENTPRENEUR ELITE is for YOU. 

"Ahmed has helped guide me through a transitional time in my career. Through his guidance, I was able to realize my real passion which enabled me to explore other opportunities than I ordinarily would. I was fortunate to find him, and his teaching is practical and based on real-life experiences."  

Nour Sabri  

Management Consultant - Bain & Company

EFFICIENTPRENEUR ELITE is NOW available by application!  

Here are some things you need to know before applying:

  • The investment is $5,999 USD paid upfront for the first six months then $4,999 per six months after. You can cancel at any time, also you can pay via 6 monthly installments of $1199.
  • You get private 1on1 coaching calls with Ahmed Al Kiremli, tailored to YOUR unique needs that suit your current situation.
  • You get access to a private community where you can share questions & resources with other members or ask other members to give you feedback for your work, websites, links, funnels and pages. 
  • Before enrolling in the EFFICIENTPRENEUR ELITE You get 1 Business Transformation session wih AK, during this FREE Call you can ask any question about your goals, business or challanges and AK will mentor you for FREE, also You & AK will see if you are a good fit to each others for EFFICIENTPRENEUR ELITE membership program. 
  • AK coaches one person per membership. 
  • You should already be making at least $4000+ per month to qualify. 
  • If an existing member refers you that helps a lot!

How you can benefit from joining the Elite 1on1 coaching? 

  • Determining what type of business model you could focus on that would “run itself” for minimal time investment and maximum profits.
  • Developing strategies to start a business from scratch and get systems in place rapidly.
  • Negotiating leases to keep overhead low.
  • Monetizing your business model effectively. 
  • Have a strategy in place that allows you to scale your business (meaning even as it grows, the procedures and processes don’t need to change that often).
  • Set best practices in place that will allow your business to grow without having to re-work all of your strategies.
  • Understand where you can make the easiest changes to streamline your business to cut cost and boost profits.
  • Create higher productivity without increasing your output or workload.
  • Know the best practices you can delegate and automate to save you time, effort and money.
  • Achieve financial freedom and an incredible work-life balance.

Ahmed Al Kiremli, also known as AK is a Serial Entrepreneur, 1# International Best Selling Author, Business Strategist, Efficiency Expert and Pro Athlete. He has founded and scaled several businesses and franchise concepts in various industries. He’s also the host of Be Efficient TV web channel, interviewing CEOs, productivity hackers, empowerment experts and best-selling authors. He’s spoken about various business topics at events including TEDx and has been featured by international media including: Yahoo, Thomson, Reuters, Zaywa, Tech view, Failcon, Arabian Business, Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Evolution Magazine and sport 360.  

- Worn many hats during his life. In the last decade alone he has created the world’s first Iraqi franchise chain (Games Corner) the Malls No.1 Video Gaming Corner, the world’s first Iraqi food franchise and catering brand (IRAQI TOUCH), Kids Soft Play and Entertainment Brand (Climb and Slide), Movie Ratings App (Best Movie Ratings) to help you stop wasting time on bad movies and has undertaken or invested in a myriad of projects.  

 - Worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs & employees who were either making the transition to starting their own new business or were CEOs struggling with effectively building and scaling their businesses. The Efficientpreneur Formula founded by AK have helped thousands of business owners maximize productivity and profitability while minimizing cost and effort.

- What's unique about AK business experience is he worked with online businesses, offline businesses, chains and franchise businesses, brick and mortar businesses in many different industries like computer hardware, computer software, restaurants, branding & marketing, web development, social media, FMCG, retail, video gaming, kids entertianment and amusement arcades, real estate, movies apps, consulting, stationery, online marketing, tourism and travel, cladding materials, cut & bend manufacuring, steel, structural steel & wood, automotive, sport and fitness, F&B, building materials, construction, power generators, transportation and logistics.  

- Encouraged and inspired thousands of people directly by speaking at conferences, seminars, corporate events and workshops many of which include large-scale events, such as TEDx, Elance and FailCon. During these events he addresses topics such as entrepreneurship, efficiency, effectivity, life-work balance, personal finance, sales, marketing, branding, social media, outsourcing and time management.  

- He is also a professional Squash player & coach, currently playing in the PSA (Professional Squash Association) World Ranking Tour, his best world ranking 236 was in March 2018, he's the former Iraqi No.1 Player for 7 years, played for the Iraqi national team for more than 10 years. In the last two years he visited over 20 different countries to compete in the Squash World Tour while managing his offline and online businesses remotely.  

- AK is on a mission to create 10 million efficientpreneurs by helping employees to transition into efficient entrepreneurs and business owners to scale their business performance and profitability with less time, effort and cost without risking their personal freedom

How The 1on1 Coaching With AK Works?

Efficientpreneur Elite is 1on1 private coaching with Ahmed Al Kiremli that is tailored to YOUR unique needs. Working with AK directly can help you come up with a detailed plan for your business and create some best practices that will allow you to not only to start a new business or scale an exisiting business successfully but have more time and freedom in your life!  

Here's how it works:-

> 2 Calls per months of private 1on1 coaching with AK plus you can send an unlimted questions via text anytime.  

> You can share your screen with AK to reveiw your websites or funnels, send attachments like designs, contracts or links, AK will review it and give you guidance about how you can take the right next action.

> You can ask an unlimited number of questions about your business, your goals, your challanges or your current personal situation. AK will answer you within 24 hours, sometimes instantly and often within few hours.

> AK will answer you within 24 hours, sometimes instantly and often within few hours.

> AK will guide you step-by-step on what you need to do next to start, build, grow & scale your business efficiently and effectively. 

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  • Are an entrepreneur or business owner and want to scale your business performance, profitability and freedom with less time, effort and cost.
  • Are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or not sure how to get started.
  • Want help in planning a strategy for success by clarifying your goals and putting the right action steps to acheive your goals.
  • Want to optimize your enviroment by working in the right positive workplace and by eliminating the negativity from your life. 
  • Cut out time wasters and leverage your time successfully by managing your calendar effectively. 
  • Want to enjoy more financial freedom and dream about a work-life balance that allows you to follow your lifestyle dreams.  
  • If you are so tired of reading blog posts or subscribing to online courses and needs 1on1 guidance to take the right next action.  
  • Need help to master your psychology by eliminating any doubts and fears that's standing in your path to success.
  • Maximize Your Profits, Minimize Your Workload, and scale Your Freedom and Efficiency. 

"Ahmed’s mentorship gave me the biggest value ever, I was able to achieve best results within a very short time, I made scale the coaching fees within 1 month only.  

If you are serious about your transition from employment to entrepreneurship, Ahmed is your right choice. Don’t hesitate, start crushing it."  

Amin Messayeh  

Founder & CEO - My Amman

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